marketing strategy & workshops.


marketing & communication workshops.

As industry professionals in creative design, innovative thinking & digital information we like to pass on some of our knowledge & skills for you to use in your workplace or business or for us as a collective to help you reach a conclusion about messages in your marketing, branding or corporate communications strategy.

We provide a range of professional workshops focused on drawing out information from within your workforce & managers that you didn’t even know you had, such as:

  • what your branding says about your business?
  • what your new website should comprise of?
  • who are your audience and how to reach them?
  • what is your sales approach?
  • self promotion & in-house marketing
  • leveraging digital & online tools for increased brand engagement & brand affinity
  • any many more

Chat to us today about how we can empower & enlighten your staff, marketing team or executive on any of the services we provide or that you may require, or chat to us about how our design & development team can use their knowledge & industry experience to work through your corporate communications strategies, brand & marketing messages with you & your employees for greater focus & motivation.

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