Evie Jack is a Black Isle native, currently mid-process through building and opening a new eatery, coffee shop, bistro in Avoch – her home town. She approached hi.create to work with her to develop brand that captured the business’s provenance and her connection to the area.

Evie’s family were originally a fishing family, crewing and captaining ‘Zulus’ (small fishing boats) that worked out of Avoch harbour. The last Zulu to operate from the village was named ‘The Clever Lassie’.

Evie wanted the logo to reflect the location of the new business, her childhood memories of the fishing community (complete with seagulls!) and to be functional, so that if the business diversified in later years the branding would be flexible enough to adapt.


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How we helped

hi.create worked the client to undertake a creative discovery exercise, pulling together all of the reference materials that accompanied the provenance and the story behind the brand. From this we defined a colour palette based on images of the village of Avoch, we defined an artistic approach to the design assets – drawing from geometric simple design principles used in the building of traditional fishing huts and waterfront architecture.

We completed some market research also, identifying and clarifying consumer expectations based on the sector and the client’s target demographic. From all of this preparatory work we produced the finished logo from the first concept design! (which we class as a ‘home-run’)

After a period of review and feedback from stakeholders, the logo was finalised and we then worked to produce supporting brand assets and finally brand guidelines.

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We use a few cookies on this website, we hope that's ok with you?

We use a few cookies on this website, we hope that's ok with you?

We use a few cookies on this website, we hope that's ok with you?