Monster Moves embraced the change in consumer purchasing behaviour in the UK estate agency market by forming a transparent, fixed price simplified sales offering for residential properties. In a saturated & competitive industry they needed a strong, bold brand identity & a website that sells property and generates leads.

Monster Moves wanted a logo that played on the regional start-point for the company, identifying it’s locality to help set it apart from the other emerging national alternatives already in the market and making attempts at establishing themselves in Northern Scotland.


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A large part of the creative discovery process involved market research to identify a colour palette & style not yet seen prominently in the local market – so that associations with these aspects of the brand could be easily established.


The same design asset had to be bold, bright & memorable from newspaper ads to vehicle signage. Brand consistency was identified as a key goal to help carve out some market share so there had to be the opportunity for consistent application of one or few variation of the finished assets.


The logo, although established with regional ties, was designed to be easily adapted if the company were to scale in the future without completely destroying the key aspects of the brand i.e. colour palette & iconography.


The shift in consumer purchasing behaviours in the estate agency market shows a trend towards adopting online heavy, dynamic companies who are confident to step away from the classic ‘men in grey suits’ stereotype associated with the industry – it was important that the logo reflected this in the finished assets.



Several key functions were identified for the website build, the first being that it needed to actively sell property. With this in mind it was built to push property data to the popular estate agency portals, the development team included the ability for prospective buyers to create property alerts and contact forms and contact details are evident all over the website and within each listing ensuring no lead is lost.

Secondly, the website needed to convert potential sellers to confirmed listings. A number of lead generation tools were identified, developed and implemented in conjunction with the defined social media marketing plan to drive traffic to them.


Not everyone is tech savvy, it was essential that the website was built with EVERY user in mind, both public facing and in the staff dashboard. We designed the website to ensure it was as easy to list a new property as it was to locate your local sales manager.


80% of this websites user traffic is via mobile devices, its a good thing we built the site with this in mind. The website is designed to be easily navigated and interrogated on mobiles and tablets, ensuring that house hunting didn’t have to be limited to a desktop experience.



Monster Moves has a very clear message – stop paying more than you have to for your house sale. With the firm belief that traditional estate agents are overvaluing their modern day services Monster Moves wanted to a be direct in communicating the disruptive message aimed at cornering a section of the market share moving away from the commission-based model.

A variety of adverts were deployed that delivered this over the message, backed up by adverts aimed at driving traffic to a savings calculator to actually represented indicative savings for customers looking to appoint them over commission-based clients.

The social media campaign not only succeeded in winning listings on this basis but a secondary message, communicated in a number of posts in the series, was also the quick time-to-market that Monster Moves prided itself in, not initially as a main selling point but even just as a matter of course. Integrating this follow up selling point into the social offering helped also to bolster the number of direct listing enquiries able to be attributed to the marketing campaign.


The social media strategy was divided between creating a strong pool of motivated buyers to assist in the sale of property and the appeal for sellers, as well as promoting the brand image and driving traffic to the lead generation tools on Monster Moves purpose build website.

The social media strategy principally focused on Facebook due to the mixed visual/text of the content and the strong domestic market presence, along with an easily defined advert audience. This was complemented with an aggressive Google PPC marketing campaign that helped further convert on anyone not initially reached by the social media marketing but who may be following up on the collateral/direct marketing also deployed.

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