Dog Falls Brewing Co. is a new microbrewery established in the Scottish Highlands, producing real ales and beers in a variety of permutations. The company has been established with the purpose of injecting a contemporary twist into a classic beverage by lovingly crafting fresh, full flavour drinks with style and panache!


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How we helped

Dog Falls Brewing Co. looked for assistance in establishing a brand around a logo mark concept that the owner & founder Bob Masson had been toying with but was unable to fully realise into a tangible design asset without help. We completed a number of rounds of concept designs, to build out the logo the client could envision, working through practical application of the finished logo, signage & packaging considerations and spending some time looking at micro-branding and how the logo may translate to individual beers in any future range.

The logo is based around a Highland, mountain scene depicting a waterfall – all within a hop cone, the crucial ingredient in flavouring beer…and we just think it’s REALLY pretty cool to look at!

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