A brand unifies products and services, employees and customers. It keeps everyone clear on who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It has to work hard, and it has to be right.

We build brands in the specific ways that are right for each client. We create the story of the brand, enrich it with sense, depth and meaning, bring it to life with considered design and deploy it across channels that reach the intended audience.

Through brand workshops we work with each client to define the essence of the brand. We ask hard questions about products, target customers and goals. With these insights we refine the brand until we identify the unique value proposition that claims white space in its sector. We distil this snapshot of the brand, its attributes, benefits and personality, into what we call a Brand Portrait.

 A brand identity isn’t a logo or a business card. It’s a coordinated set of visual assets designed to engage with a defined consumer group to create a lasting positive impression. It’s the visual representation of the brand and an important tool for communicating consistently across different channels.

To make sure each brand communicates consistently over time, we produce clear, succinct Brand Guidelines. These show how the brand identity is deployed in any situation. They are the touchstone for future design work, making it smarter, faster and better .

 We know how to push design tools to their limits to produce visually appealing brand assets that impact customers across all platforms. This is pure design work with a clear objective: to build a brand, step by step, until it is the reference within its category and the sales leader.

website design

We design and develop websites to suit all sizes of business in all sectors.  We start with the end user and work backwards, ensuring every website is designed and built with a clear purpose. Quality, responsive, CMS-driven websites engage users, improve conversion and boost sales.

Our in-house development capability allows us to deliver beyond pre-built software’s constraints and limitations. We develop custom front-end and database-driven functionalities and web applications that give  websites a clear edge over competitors.

Websites need to generate traffic, engage users and convert visitors to customers. Proven web design strategies ensure the business hits the ground running when the digital presence goes live – selling more products, taking more bookings and creating a valuable business asset.

lead generation

Lead generation is a very specific aspect of digital and traditional marketing funnels, converting leads to sales, bookings or sign-ups. hi.create draws upon years of industry experience to leverage all the tools available to the modern marketer.

marketing support

How do you co-ordinate a marketing campaign, spending your budget in the right places to maximise the return on investment? hi.create can craft and deploy bespoke marketing plans geared to achieving defined business goals.

workshops and strategy sessions

Do you not see the performance from your website and social profiles that you had predicted?  Our workshop-based process provides professional, objective clarity on the issues faced by most business owners, managers and directors, generating practicable and cost-effective solutions.

content is king

When is content not copy? When it’s photography, illustration, graphics, video or interactive elements. We define the right content strategy across all media, making sure it’s right for the customers you target. We create content too, with in-house copywriting and photography resources and trusted partners for video, animation, and translation.

IWe can finalise the content you create for production by copywashing, editing, proofreading, retouching and reworking, adding our 20% to the 80% you provide. This provides the final touch that makes the difference.

Alternatively we take the information you have and the messages you want to get across, and create up 80% of the content ready for deployment, validating it with you as we go.

Service and delivery is second to none but more importantly hi.create listens, understands and interprets your ideas brilliantly. I have worked with several designers but with all three of our projects Dan has nailed it first time on each one. Fair price, great design and great service. What more could you ask?
Paul Alvarez
Managing Director, Verjur

clients with purpose.

Client of graphic designers Inverness
Branding client Inverness
Branding client Inverness
Client of graphic designers Inverness

about us.

who are we?

We value brand understanding, creative discovery and innovation, supported by quality service from first contact through to aftercare.

We are proud of our Highland roots and values, but we have a global outlook, working with clients across the UK and beyond. We ensure each project is planned, considered and managed from beginning to end in a coordinated manner. Focus on your strengths and leave us to play to ours, making the process from idea to deliverable seamless and enjoyable.

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We use a few cookies on this website, we hope that's ok with you?